Miramar Naval Air Station  //  Breaking the Sound Barrier
Flying high over-head I was able after many attempts to capture this image of an F-14 TopCat fighter plane breaking the sound barrier, and the resulting donut space vacuum that is created as a result. 
Shot with a 600mm lens.
Miramar Naval Air Station  //  Ready for Take-Off
Each October, The Blue Angels Naval Flight Team put on a show at Miramar Naval Air Station. Home to "TopGun", I proudly we watched the "FlyBoys" perform that day.
Miramar Naval Air Station  //  Souring Above It All 1, 2 & 3
A series of three images taken from the Miramar Naval Station Airshow over the past three years.
Miramar Naval Air Station  //  Tight Formation
Flying in tight formation is a element that has made the Blue Angels so popular with the crowds that gather to watch each year in October to watch... and photographing them was a delight.
Miramar Naval Air Station  //  Up, Up & Away
Something about this little guy just makes me smile.
Miramar Naval Air Station  //  The Blue Angels at Away
Flying high above the crowds the The Blue Angels throw their vapor trail into full use, creating a stunning visual in the sky.
Miramar Naval Air Station  //  Go. Go. Go.
It's a racing to the top of the flight deck for this group of Blue Angel as they "Turn & Burn".
Tucson, AZ  //  Our Nations Flagship
Air Force One is the icon of American pride and excellence. This aircraft was the one the actually carried the body of JFK and his widow Jackie back to DC from Dallas. Standing in its shadow as I took this image was enough for this photographer. I simply had to reach out and touch it.


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