San Diego, California  //  Harbor Lights 1, 2 & 3
Point Loma is an area located in San Diego, California that is home to both yachtsmen and fishermen. It where I grew up and because of it, I constantly go there to take in the brilliant blues, white, and red that paint the harbor. 
San Diego, California  //  The Yacht Club
The San Diego Yacht Club, winner of The America's Cup is the perfect harbor to photograph. 
San Diego, California  //  Sounds from the Sea
This group of three images sums up the feeling of being in a commitment with the sea. 
Just go ask Bandi. I hear she is a fine girl. 
San Diego, California  //  Fleet Week
Every summer Fleet Week takes place in San Diego, California. It's a nautical, spectacular, parade of boats and yachts. I captured this image right after dawn, before the festivity's had started for the day. 
San Diego, California  //  Raise the Mast
Nautical flags fly overheard as a passing storm blows into the harbor sounding the alarms for all sailors.


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