Rancho Santa Fe, California  //  The Hunt is On
During the summer months Polo is played at the Polo grounds in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Of all the sports photography that I have done, this sport is the hardest to get that image that communicate just how special and thrilling this sport is for the pony and it's rider. This image does that. I love how in the background is the tent with the crowd watching on the sidelines, framing the pony and rider, as they prepare for another run at it.
Rancho Santa Fe, California  //  Opening Day Chuckers 1, 2 & 3
It's truly thrilling to have your eye on the viewfinder, focusing in on that perfect moment to capture all while hearing the sound of 10 horses running full speed right in your direction. 
Rancho Santa Fe, California  //  Go Get It
Fast paced doesn't say enough to describe Polo. I love this image because of the battle that continues to go on during Polo matches. 
Coronado, California  //  Sand Polo at The Del  1, 2 & 3
Once a year the world famous Hotel Del Coronado host a Polo match on the beach in front of the hotel. Crowds gather, sand flies everywhere, and the Ponies & Riders love it... almost as must as I did taking these images.
Rancho Santa Fe, California  //  Polo Yellow Jersey
Women I am proud to say play on the same teams as the men, riding side by side. I love this woman's glasses, hair and the determination on her face. 
Shot with a 300mm lens.
Rancho Santa Fe, California  //  Pride
Polo is a sport for the privileged. The horses are cared after by Mexican American handlers who take pride in "Their Ponies" and their athletic ability. I love everything about this image. 


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