Big Sir, California  //  Heaven is a Glow
I spent three day in the past winter exploring and photographing the area of Big Sur, California. On the way back to my glamping site, after a storm began its first steps of clearing out, this sunset happen. It still takes my breathe away each time I look at this photo.
Phoenix, Arizona  //  Bloody Basin Hillside
Coming home from a short day trip to Prescott, Arizona it began to rain and storm just as the sunset was setting. With the horizon clear it set the stage for an incredible, theatrical sunset.
Tuscon, Arizona  //  Red River in the Sky
In summer in southern Arizona storms come thru in the late afternoon. With those storms, plus the dust in the air, a perfect combination is put into action for create a beautiful sunset. 
Grand Canyon National Park  //  Canyon Echos
With all the glory that is The Grand Canyon, it's hard to pay any attention to the skies above. However, as this image highlights, some of the most incredible cloud formations occur there.
Del Mar, California  //  Torrey Pines Whispers
Living in San Diego, California I have seen and photographed my share of beautiful sunset. 
Few came close to the beauty of this night.  I shot this image with my FugiFilm X1.
Coronado, California  //  Eggshell Paint in the Sky
I love the color of this sky. Simple, elegant, understated, and perfect.
San Diego, California  //  Orange Mango Evening
Passion fruit colors filled the sky this night and I was thrilled to have my camera with me to capture it.


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