Torrey Pines State Park, California  //  Early Morning Sunlight
The only place were The Torrey Pine Tree grows in the whole is in Del Mar, California. I shot this image early on a spring morning. I love the light how it filters thru and glows within the tree. 
Joshua Tree National Park  //  Joshua's Tree
Magical, strange, bold, and strong. Just a few words to describe Joshua Trees.
Carlsbad, California  //  I Take You Wherever I Go
I shot this image and it reminded me of Valentines Day with all it lovely red flowers.
Eden, Utah  //  The Mormon Tree in Fall Colors
Down the hill from my sister home in Eden, Utah is a barn that is over a hundred years old. I wanted to frame it in a unique way, so I choose the foreground to included these wonderful fall trees.
Palm Springs, California  //  Hole in One
The water feature and the many trees that line this golf hole in Palm Springs, California make for a beautiful image. Well worth waking up early to take. I am sure the golfers didn't mind.
San Diego, California  //  The Thanksgiving Tree
I took a hike on Thanksgiving day a few years back and this tree caught my eye. I love its pride and its fall color palette. It was the perfect "Thanksgiving Tree". 
Sedona, Arizona  //  Canyon of Trees
Sedona, Arizona is iconic of the southwest and while it has amazing red rocks and vistas, it is my opinion the fact that so many trees that call this place home make it truly wonderful.
Grand Tetons  //  The Quiet Side of Nature
I took this image in the Grand Teton National Park early on morning just after sunrise. What I love about it the calm reflection of the trees in the water. Simple in it composition and yet profound at the same time.


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