Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona  //  Image One
Page, Arizona is home to Antelope Canyon, one of the most amazing places on earth to photograph. When I shot there I was not disappointed at all. The light as it cascades down the walls in the summer months creates different colors ranging from yellow all the way up the scale thru purples. Truly shooting there, that day, that moment, is something this photographer will never forget... not even for a 1/150 of a second.
Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona  //  Image Two
Light factors into everything that involves taking a really great image. This images in the series, highlights the role of light as it gently moves from top to bottom within the canyon. I love the softness within the transitions in this image, and yet the colors remain vibrant and forceful.  The canyon walls as they curve create the perfect composition in which a perfect balance was achieved.
Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona  //  Verticals 1, 2 & 3
A vertical format is excellent at highlighting the curves and depths of these canyon walls. 
The correct choice for capturing the long filtered light beam "The Ghost" as it makes an appearance. 
Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona  //  Image Three
Insolation of the color yellow in this image, creates visual tension that plays and important role in making it dramatic. It's as if yellow fights to have its place in the composition. This image follows "The Golden Rule of Thirds" and because of that photographic principle, this image it work visually.
Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona  //  Image Four
Yes! The Sand Ghost of Antelope Canyon. As this image was being photographed one of the Navajo Tribal members guides took sand and threw it directly into the light shaft. Doing so creates a "ghost" effect across the lightbeam within the canyon. The perfect contrast against the rough walls and textures.
Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona  //  Image Six
Less dramatic as the others, this image highlights the simple changes of shadows and light within the canyon walls. The simple transition from reds to oranges, give this image a warmth that leaps off the page. 
Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona  //  Verticals 4, 5 & 6
A vertical format is excellent at highlighting the curves and depths of the canyon walls.


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