San Clemente, California  //  Golden Surf God
Surfers fight to hold onto each and every wave they ride. However, it's not just strength that keeps them going, I am convinced the best surfers are more like ballet dancers, able to combine strength and balance. This image was shot with a 600mm lens half-a-mile off the shore, early in the morning. 
La Jolla, California  //  Blue Thunder
My theory of surfers really being more like ballet dancers makes it case with this image.
La Jolla, California  //  Wind n Sea Teal Titans
During a winter storm, huge waves can hit the local beaches of La Jolla, California. 
On this winter day I was there to capture an image of this translucent wave during one of those storms that gave this particular rider the "Ride of His Life". 
Shot it about a half-mile off shore with a 600mm prime lens.
San Clemente, California  //  The Green Giant
I got "This One". 
Which is how this surfer must have felt on this wave, and I know I did when to took the shot. 
Shot it about a half-mile off shore with a 600mm prime lens.
Encinitas, California  //  Winter Escape 1, 2 & 3
Three in a series showcasing three different surfers all on the same huge winter day.
La Jolla, California  //  Wind n Sea Red Rider
The element that I love about this image is how unexpected it is. A red wave will occur during a winter sunset only in October. I was again, lucky enough to be in the right spot at the right time. 
Encinitas, California  //  Little Man Surf Robber
Every once in a little a surfer will come alone that you never forget. This was mine and he stoled me heart. 
La Jolla, California  //  The Surf King
I was driving up the coast one morning in late May and I ran into a college surf competition. Yes they have those in California. I took this image of what was the quintessential "Surf God". 
La Jolla, California  //  Blue on Blue
In post-productions process of the image, I turn this image into a duotone in order to infuse the power of the wave in the frame. I think it was a great decision.
San Clemente, California  //  Ready to Ride
Shot this image at dawn down at the beach. I captured this lone riderless wave just waiting for a surfer to ride. 
La Jolla, California  //  Wish They Could All Be California Girls
I love this intimate photo of a surfer girl at a local competition. The confidence of her competitive spirit and the way the light hits her beautiful face and "surfer girl" hair, makes the image one of my favorites.
La Jolla, California  //  The Perfect Wave
I stood in amazement watch this lone surfer ride a wave for what seemed like 5 mins. It the stuff of legends. I love the trails of white he left behind as he cuts thru the wave.
Shot it about a half-mile off shore with a 600mm prime lens.


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