Joshua Tree National Park  //  The Spirit of the Heart
This image is my favorite of Joshua Tree National Park. I love the drastic light hitting the tree and the storm clouds parting in the background. I shot this on Christmas Day 2018 when the park had been shutdown due to the federal government shutdown. There were few people which made for the perfect photographic opportunity. 
Joshua Tree National Park  //  Verticals 1, 2 & 3
What would Joshua Tree National Park be without the crazy "Dr. Suess" trees and magnificent boulder formations. These three images while very different... all capture the park essence.
Joshua Tree National Park  //  Early Winter Softness
Light is truly the key to good photography. It tells the story of shapes and forms. This soft early morning light created a color pastel palette of softness that gave calm to the year end of 2020. 
Joshua Tree National Park  //  Storms Clouds of Puff
Popcorn clouds via for attention in this image with the boulders in the background. 
Joshua Tree National Park  // The Class Black n White 
This image is as classic of the park as one can hope to capture. The climber in the background balances with the leading lines of the large boulders in the foreground make this a stunningly dramatic image.
Joshua Tree National Park  //  Verticals 4, 5 & 6
I love these images because it highlights and dark tones. If ever there was a day to photograph the park it was the day I shot there. What can I say... somedays you just get lucky.
Joshua Tree National Park  //  Rolling Stones
The angles within the frame of the image is what works for me. It's as if there is a much needed relationship going on between the boulders and clouds that makes this image one of my favorites.
Joshua Tree National Park  // Rock Solid
This rock formation with climbers on top, and the tree branches in the foreground was a composition that I was out to capture the whole day that I spent at the park. It took a couple of hours of waiting, but success was finally achieved. I am sure the climbers felt the same way.
Joshua Tree National Park  // Light Beams in the Rocks
Early morning light makes its way through the narrow rock formations that surround the area of Joshua Tree National Park. Dawn is truly an event that is welcomed after camping during the cold winter nights just to get this image. 
Joshua Tree National Park  //  Sunrise Purple with Orange Hills
This image was shot one one of the coldest morning I can ever remember. My hands were nearly frozen making almost impossible to couldn't get the shot off. Lucky my friend with me on the trip was smart enough to loan me her gloves.
Joshua Tree National Park  //  Rocks for Days
The rock that formations that make up Joshua Tree National Park are magnificent, and gigantic in scale. 


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