La Jolla, California  //  Wind n Sea Madness
Often when I venture out to La Jolla, California to photograph the beach it becomes challenging from the start. Getting an image that fully expressed the power and motion of the way waves hit the beach is the challenge. This image is one of my favorites because it does just that. 
Elegant, powerful, and the perfect San Diego color palette all coming together.
Encinitas, California  //  Swami's Beach 1, 2 & 3
Swami's is hands-down my special beach to shoot at. Surfers with blonde hair, the best waves in Southern California and sand that looks like in was shipping in from Hawaii. There is something timeless about Swami's as well. Maybe it the 1960's surfer vans in the parking lot, and smell of "surf wax" in the air, or the "old guys" with their longboards. I just know I just can't get enough of the place.
La Jolla, California  //  Wind n Sea Bliss
Right after the sun sets in La Jolla, California the sky turns pink and the light fades. I have also noticed after shooting thousand of sunset images there that the ocean waves calm down a little, as if they are settling down for the night as well. This images is really about that moment when each surfer catches his or hers last wave of the day.... and hopes of even bigger waves to come the next morning.
Southern California  //  The Golden State 1, 2 & 3
California truly is the "Golden State".  This trio of images where all shot around southern California using my FugiFilm X1 camera.
Encinitas, California  //  Surfs Up
Their is a romance that I witness as I shoot Southern California beaches with the ocean and its surfers. It a love affair that most surfers never fall out of. This images was an attempt to capture that intense relationship between a surfer and his love.
San Diego, California  //  Color Beach Blast 1, 2 & 3
The first image was shot at Cabrillo National Monument at the tip of Point Loma. It is where I grew up and will always remain my home, regardless of where my travels take me. I enjoyed shooting these 3 images as I work with light and color to document the beauty of my "special place & forever home".
La Jolla, California  //  Wind n Sea Pink Seas
Often it is the waves that one focuses on in a beach landscape image. But on this one night, it was the sky that got to me, and the reflection that it cast on those last few waves of the day.
Big Sur, California  //  Wind n Sea Madness
During a photography trip up the coast of California in winter, I was gifted a winter storm of epic proportions. This image after many shots.... captures the powerful forces of nature at work. 
A "Black n White" photo process was my only choice for the visual story of this image. 
Central, California  //  Endless Morning Waves
As you drive up the coast Hwy 1 in California there are hundreds of spectacular views in which you can pull over at. On this morning I was able to find the perfect outlook area, grab my camera and tripod. This is the resulting image taken that morning. The curls of the waves meeting the curves of beach make it work along with the height of the vantage point.
California  //  Golden Beach Bliss 1, 2 & 3
These three images highlight the gold, blue and green colors that can be found up and down the California coast. Enjoy!
Encinitas, California  //  Winter Wonderland Waves
"Black n White" images bring drama to any image. This setting was the perfect location for converting a image to "Black n White". Sky and waves in harmony singing a drama opera.
Sunset Cliffs, California  //  Winter Has Arrived
Growing up this arch located in Point Loma was my playground. Jumping off it and exploring the cave system with the cliff was a little surfer girl average afternoon once school was over. Hate me now... I know. 
La Jolla, California  //  Wave of Wonder 
Wind n' Sea beach in La Jolla, California is one of my favorite places to photograph. The waves crash onto the beach in a glorious fashion along with backlight that makes for the perfect images. I shot this image early in the morning and was thrilled by the result that captured the mood perfectly.


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