Zion National Park  //  The Narrows
Situated on the North Fork of the Virgin and upstream of the main canyon, "The Narrows" is my favorite area in Zion National Park. My goals was to create an image that showcased the movement of the rapids, along with the fall colors that were reflecting in the river. Trust me when I say the river was cold that day. But with the help of a good friend, I was able to make it up river and take this image. 
Zion National Park  //  The Virgin River
My goals for this image was to highlight the white water elements of the river, indicating the rapid motion. I choose to work a composition that drove the viewer into the image, giving it a more intimate vantage point. The softness of the water feature contrasted with the rough rock formation compliment each other very well. 
Zion National Park  //  The Colors of Fall
As we drove back home from our photo session at Zion National Park, my friend and I made the decision that it would be best to take the back side route. So glad we did. We came across this mini-forest a blazed in reds, oranges, magentas, and golds. Having the red sand-stone to compliment the trees completed the image.
Zion National Park  //  The Virgin River in Winter 1, 2 & 3
Something magical happen when snow falls in Zion National Park. The stark contrast of the white snow against the red rocks canyon creates a dramatic visual unmatched during any other time of year. The light constantly changes the color range throughout the daytime. These are images that I captured highlighting that effect. 
Zion National Park  //  The Virgin River Springtime 1, 2 & 3
Springtime in Zion National Park is a very special time. The river flows at highest point and waterfalls are on fully display through out the park. I was able to capture the vibrant colors of spring with these three images.


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