As a fine art photographer I love working with interior designers. Indeed, it gives me great satisfaction to view my atmospheric landscapes displayed as large-format prints in a beautifully-designed and stylishly-furnished space.
Fine Art Photography for 
Interior Design & Architectural Projects
If you are an architect or interior designer looking for unique artwork for your next project, below you’ll find detailed information regarding the services that I can offer you. The architectural and interior design sectors really crave fresh, stylish, and moody landscape photography right now. Particularly when it’s of a more exclusive and sophisticated nature than can be provided by stock libraries.
Fortunately, over the years that I’ve been exploring the remote and inaccessible regions areas, I’ve always shot many more photographs than I could ever use for either my commissioned or personal projects. This means that in addition to the work in my main portfolio, I’ve also amassed a considerable back-catalog of unpublished images; an archive totaling in the hundreds that I’m now making available to the design industry.
Balancing Intriguing Narratives with an Abstract Aesthetic
One clear advantage my photography offers designers is the balance it strikes between the figurative and the abstract.
My work typically depicts relatable scenes of natural beauty. This makes my photography highly appropriate for use within an interior design context, where even a centerpiece artwork needs to sit harmoniously alongside all other design elements without dominating them.
Your need for such imagery will obviously depend on the precise projects you’re working on at the moment. However, to give an example of interior design collaborations I’ve previously undertaken, these have ranged from providing framed fine-art prints for hanging in communal/reception areas to producing original artwork for incorporation into the design of the building itself as large-scale murals.

Flexible Options
Every design project varies in its requirements. Your role as a designer is to come up with custom solutions.
Each brief is different. Yet most discerning clients appreciate the exclusivity of owning an original artwork; preferring to avoid either reproductions or works that are also available elsewhere. Meanwhile, the ideal artwork dimensions for any given project are often dictated by the size of the space itself, alongside other elements within that environment. Yet the majority of photographic artists restrict printing of their works to limited editions, in specific dimensions. No negotiation.
I Work Differently
Understanding the importance of flexibility and customization within the interior design sector, I leave decisions regarding the size and exclusivity of each artwork entirely up to you and your clients.
Additionally, by remaining adaptable and liaising directly with interior designers such as yourself, I am able to offer fine art prints at prices well bellow those of gallery-represented artists.
Finally, it’s worth mentioning that I have a solid understanding of current color and design trends and am highly skilled in post-production work; so if necessary I could alter the look of selected images in order to better coincide with your precise project requirements.

— I offer an extensive archive containing hundreds of abstract landscape images that are not available from stock libraries or anywhere else.
— Unlike stock photography, my images are photographed in an original and distinctive style that will compliment most interior design projects.
— I offer the ability to order artworks in sizes that exactly match your requirements - not in arbitrary dimensions dictated by the artist. This includes prints in ultra-large dimensions of 40” x 60“ and beyond.
— I understand the need to be adaptable with regards to licensing, and consequently remain open to everything from the total buy-out of image rights to flexible art-rental options - and all that lies in between. If desired, I am happy to offer selected works as unique one-off pieces in total exclusivity (subject to availability).
— By dealing directly with designers, I avoid paying hefty gallery commissions. This permits me to make my work available to you at a more competitive price point.
Let Me Know How I Can Help

The majority of the work on my website and is available for commercial licensing.
If you are currently developing a design project and have seen a photograph in my portfolio that you think might fit, or if you are looking for a specific type of image that could potentially be found among collection, feel free to get in touch explaining your requirements. I try to be as accommodating as possible - even of highly unusual and challenging requests - so please don’t be shy in asking.
I’m also very happy to research images directly relevant to your project and provide you with low-resolution files of this selection so that you can use them in client pitches, mock-ups, and presentations. Just let me know the kind of images you’re looking for and I’ll do the rest.