The Grand Canyon  //  The Storms Edge
I love this image because it highlights clouds as they begin to explode and make their journey thru The Grand Canyon. I spend the summer of 2019 photographing the American Southwest Region. Of all the images that I shot, this image is perhaps my favorites. I wanted to get the classic storm shot of The Grand Canyon during a summer storm. The day I arrived for the shoot, well it didn't seem too promising. Boy... did that change! By afternoon I witnessed the sky exploding, rain in the near distances, and light amplifying the stunning walls and buttes. That evening as I camped, I cracked open a well deserved dark beer by the fire and reflected back on the day I knew one thing in my sleep deprived state... it doesn't get better than this. A camera & a canyon such as the one I would sleep next to.
The Grand Canyon  //  The Lone Tree of Destiny
Light can turn The Grand Canyon into one of... if not the most dramatic landscapes on earth. This winter afternoon did not disappoint and I could not move faster to capture this image of a single tree as looked out over the canyon floor.
The Grand Canyon   //  The Light of a Storm 1, 2 & 3
Three of my favorite images that showcase the effects of light within The Grand Canyon as a storm makes it way. Image 3 in the series features a horizontal tornado formation.
The Grand Canyon  //  Baby Blue Haze
The Grand Canyon has a range of various colors that it can throw at you as you watch "The Show" on display. On this day, blue was the rockstar color. But the backup singers had to be the amazing clouds that put on quite a show as well. 
The Grand Canyon   //  Fire Storm Sky 1, 2 & 3 
With a storm headed into The Grand Canyon, sunset provided to be brilliant. I stopped at one point in-between taking images to just take it all in. The colors were exploding in vibrant reds for as far as I could see. I had a feeling that taking a few vertical images would be the right choice to capture the depth and beauty of the canyon walls and the sky that poured down on them. Spectacular. 
The Grand Canyon   //  Eastern Wall
Photographing The Grand Canyon in Black n White is fantastically fun. Having a storm rolling in helps with creative a dramatic image that is lasting and memorable.
The Grand Canyon   //  Orange Summer Sunset
Orange blasting the sky above The Grand Canyon walls created a sunset to remember. 
The pure definition of "Fire in the Sky" as I stood there. I was completely amazed at what was taking place. 
The Grand Canyon   //  Pink Passion Vista
Pink and more pink. I love the reflection of the pink in The Colorado River as it snakes it way thru the deep valley of The Grand Canyon in this image. Perfect ending to one beautiful day. 
The Grand Canyon   //  The Golden Colorado
During a trip to Page, Arizona on the way back home I challenged myself to find the perfect image that would showcase the rocks and color of The Grand Canyon. I found the spot down at Lee's Landing right on the Colorado River. I took this image right before a storm blew in, when the light was at its most dramatic. The reflections that happened on the rivers edge told exactly the visual story I was after. I used a 10 stop filter to create the smooth look of the rivers waters.
The Grand Canyon   //  The River Makes Its Way
Shooting at f/22 allowed me to get this stunning images of The Grand Canyon and the vistas that surround the area. Having low afternoon light created brilliant gold tones on the canyon walls that made this image dramatic and the perfect window into what makes The Grand Canyon, America's most visited National Park. 
The Grand Canyon   //  Morning at The Colorado
Morning light is often my favorite light in which to shoot landscape photography. This proved to be true as I set out to find a composition that would tell the visual story of what impact The Colorado River plays in the overall beauty that is The Grand Canyon National Park. 


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