White Sands National Park  //  The Gardens
They say that the light is unique in New Mexico. I can complete agree with that statement and it is no more truthful than when you visit White Sands National Park. On this fall morning the light made the white dunes appear as if they were whip cream. 
White Sands National Park  //  The Gardens 1, 2 & 3
Three images that capture the beauty the is White Sands. The soft rolling sand that are home to various desert plant life make for interesting compositions everywhere you turn. Something it's different not to get lost in all the beauty and dynamic angles. A photographers dream..
White Sands National Park  //  Soft Quiet Comfort
After driving 6 hours from my home base of Phoenix, AZ this image was waiting for me. I doubt I will ever forget the colors as they danced that night as the sunset on the dunes.
White Sands National Park  //  The Gardens Lives
It's a wonder how plant life thrives as it makes it home a sand dune. Yet it does, and together I love the interesting images that can be found within these dunes.
White Sands National Park  //  Silent Hope
As I made my way hiking the dunes to get a photography that I could be proud of took a step back right before I click down and record this image. I though about all that has happened this year of 2020. I thought of loved ones, their safety, and the world at large. In the softness of these colors I found hope and a reminder of a new time ahead after the silence.
White Sands National Park  //  The Dunes Awake 1, 2 & 3
Morning is my favorite time to photograph. I love capturing the day as it slowly begins. There is a peace that comes with it. These three image are my attempt to capture the quiet stillness.
White Sands National Park  // Passion on Display
This sunset was on for the ages. I love how the dunes and sky compliment each other as well and tell the story of the still quiet as I watch the dunes color constantly change as the sky did. This was shot with a Canon 3D Mark IV and a 50mm lens. 


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