Yellowstone National Park  //  Grand Prismatic Springs
Possible the most beautiful place on earth. It is the largest hot spring in the United States, and the third largest in the world. In the center of the spring the water is so hot that the bacteria is not able to survive, whereas the temperature gradually drops towards the edges. This explains why the dazzling bright yellows, fierce oranges and deep reds only appear around the edges while the deep blue remains confined to the centre. I was lucky enough to photograph it in perfect light conditions.

Yellowstone National Park  //  Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs are a must-see feature of Yellowstone National Park in part because they’re so different from other thermal areas in the area. This is largely because limestone is a relatively soft type of rock, allowing the travertine formations to grow much faster than other sinter formations. It has been described as looking like a cave turned inside out. I simply could not believe the complex lines and color as I took this image.

Yellowstone National Park  // One of 3,000 Hot Springs
Yellowstone National Park’s thermal features can be seen as the product of millions of years of geology at work. On the morning that I photographed this geyser the show of stream coming from it created a beauty image.  
Yellowstone National Park  // Walkway of Pure Inspiration
Yellowstone National Park’s thermal geysers never disappoint. I found that sunrise proved to work well for photography. In the fall, when I shot this image, the steam is a full visual force.
Yellowstone National Park  // Blue Pools of Beauty
Yellowstone National Park’s thermal geysers create colors that are difficult for a camera to capture. As do the surrounding area. When you see it for yourself it draws you in. 
Yellowstone National Park  // Land of Bison
Yellowstone National Park’s is also home to over 3,000 Bison. What other animal would complete this landscape and compliment it so well? 
Yellowstone National Park  // The Textures 
Yellowstone National Park’s has textures that are found no where else in this world. When I took this image I thought that somehow I was cheating, as if I was simply taking an image to God's handmade painting. 


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