Death Valley  //  Silver Morning Beauty
Of all images that I have taken in my career, this image captured at the sand dunes within Death Valley National Park is my favorite. To get this image I drove all night and arrived pre-dawn in my trusted Jeep at the park. It was January, and the heat as not an issue, rather the cold was. Off I went for miles in the deep sand, with my headlight leading the way, waiting for that right moment when the sun hits the dunes and creates the harshest of light. I was not disappointed. 
Being in the right moment they say is half the battle of getting that right shot. That morning, standing on top of dunes, was just that moment and more. Looking thru the 24mm lens that I had loaded on my new Canon 5D Mark IV camera, I felt like "The Godfather" of all landscape photography, Ansel Adams, was right there with me, saying... just take it, capture the light.
Death Valley  //  Silent Beauty
When it is "deathly" still in nature and you are out shooting, few moments are better. Better to truly "focus" on the task at hand. Finding those breaks and lines for a composition. Finding the path that leads the viewer into the content. Telling a story to the point of communicating a feeling, and clear understanding of the capture moment. This image explains this process, and the reward that I felt when I shot it. 
Death Valley  //  Lines in the Sand 1, 2 & 3
The sand dunes at Death Valley are epic in scale and beauty. This trio of images highlights the subject manner in a way that it true to this one-of-kind destination. 
Death Valley  //  The Path Forward
Often when I am shooting landscape photography I am looking for a balance in the composition as much as having the right light. This image shot on the floor of Death Valley, 500 feet below sea-level, I believe accomplished the goal described. The lines of the temporary creek leads you to the "Aspen Glow "that takes place in winter at Death Valley... a view I will never forget. 
Death Valley  //  Below Sea Level
The biggest draw for me in Death Valley is its unique surfaces and vast vistas. Each year that I travel there I find another angle, another mountain, another reflecting in the terrain, that I had not seen before. This image is one where I wanted to explain the surfaces textures that I find there. Visually stunning and millions of years old.
Death Valley  //  A Whole Palette of Fresh Colors 1, 2 & 3
Death Valley continues to delight me with all the colors that perform there, all below sea-level on the desert grand stage. It really is a privilege to behold its wonder.
Death Valley  //  Time Stands Still
The juxtaposition of various element surfaces is amazing in Death Valley. Within the sands dunes there you can find areas where those factors exist in perfect visual harmony. Add some morning light, and you have a photographers dream setting. Opposites it turns out do attract... well at least in nature.
Death Valley  //  Curls of Infinite
I am always taken in by the beautiful lines that are found deep in the sand dunes in Death Valley. This image is special to me in that it attempts to show just how large and overwhelming standing on these dunes can be.
Visually documenting those dunes and all their glowing glory, makes me feel privileged to be part of showing others what beauty surrounds us, if we just look up.


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