San Diego Zoo  //  Hello World
The "cute factor" is out the door with this little guy. I took the approach of going with of a very narrow focal point. I love the results of that technical choice. 
Rancho Santa Fe, California  //  The Eyes Have It  1, 2 & 3
The eyes are the windows into the soul, and I think that is true with animals. 
Palm Springs, California  //  The 3 Amigos
Located in the Palm Springs region of California is a small zoo that has a Cheetah area that puts the one at the world famous San Diego Zoo to shame. The "3 Amigos" as I call them, run free, sleep, and ham it up for the camera every time I visit them. This image I believe shows the companionships and love that they have for each other. We human could all learn a lesson for these guys. 
California  //  Freedom to Love & Run 1,  2,& 3
Here is a collection of images that I took featuring some of my favorite moments shared with some very special animals. It was a challenge to capture their individual personalities, but with time and hard work I believe I got the images I was after.
San Diego Zoo, California  //  On the Hunt
The big cats are my favorite to photograph. Their intentions, and primitive hunting logic is always on display. 
Salt City, Utah  //  Wild in the Woods 1, 2 & 3
Wild beast are dangerous to approach. It has to be done very, very slowly... if it all. This collection showcases those times when "slow" payed off, and I was able to get some very unique wildlife photos.
Salt Lake City, Utah  //  Standing His Ground
Bison are some of the largest animals on earth. Capturing the right light to be able to show off their fur and mass is often a waiting game. On the day this image was taken everything came together, the Jeep wasn't charged, nor was I, and all parties remained very happy... after the shoot was over. 
La Jolla, California  //  Jellies Delight 1, 2 & 3
Jellyfish have a delicate almost floral way about them. These three images tell the story of their beauty and translucent shapes. Shot with a 85mm prime lens.


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