Los Angeles, California  //  The Disney Concert Hall - Golden
Bathed in golden light, the palm trees of Los Angeles reflect onto The Disney Concert Hall.  Consider to be one of the most studied architectural designs in the world, this building and all its curves and reflective surfaces remains to this day my favorite building to photograph.
Chicago, IL  //  The Tower Above Us 1, 2 & 3
Chicago is the first city that I fly off to when I need some inspiration. Here are a three of images that show you why I love the architecture in Chicago. All three of these images where taken with the same 24mm prime lens, creating a extreme vertical look to the towering buildings. It was my intention to capture images that told the story of the insanely monumental heights of Chicago skyline.
Chicago, IL  //  The Langham Hotel Lobby Dream
The Langham Hotel in Chicago, IL is has of the most beautiful hotel lobbies in the world. This 5-star property boast Dale Chihuly sculptures hanging from the ceilings, and framing the outdoor skyline. 
Los Angeles, California  //  Petersen Automotive Museum Exterior
Seldom does a building mark its place in the culture of a city as "Fast & Furious" as The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Opening in 2016, it has done just that. Every angle of this unique building is based in the designs of the auto industry during the age of "hotrods".  Its impossible to take your eyes off of it, let alone place your camera down. Of the hundreds of images I have shot of the architectural "speed-demon" this one is my personal favorite.
Chicago, IL  //  The Mile of Dreams
Walking with my camera down Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL one afternoon I turned to see the reflection of a beautiful woman in the window of a high-end car dealership. The juxtaposition of the vintage church and the high-tech car make for a highly interesting and involved image. 
Los Angeles, California  //  The Disney Concert Hall - Blue 1, 2 & 3
The Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California has a surface of stainless-steel with rivets. Because of this unique construction, reflections occur, compelling photographers all over the world to shoot it. I am no exception... here are the images I shot that proves reflection are always visually dynamic.
Los Angeles, California  //  The Disney Concert Hall - Baby Blue Forms
The Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California one of the most ground-breaking design in the past century in regards to the relationship between light and form.
San Diego, California  //  The Salk Institute
The Salk Institute is an architectural site unlike anything else in California. Shooting Black n White there is one of the most unbelievable experiences any photographer can have. I am lucky enough that for years I lived nearby and was able to photograph it early in the morning and capture high contrast image.
Chicago, IL  //  Tower of Chicago 1, 2 & 3
The Chicago Skyline is epic in scale and simple unmatched in design. My favorite city of all.
San Diego, California  //  The San Diego Museum of Art
I launched my career within the walls of this beautiful structure, serving as the Senior Graphic Designer.
I photographed it very late one night when the park surrounding the museum was eerie and void of tourist. If you look at the design of the banner on the building it features Louis Kahn who was the architecture who was responsible for The Salk Institute in La Jolla and featured just above this image in my portfolio.


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