Having a Grandfather who was an artist, and an Uncle who was a pioneer of mid-century modern architecture, ensured that I was surrounded by inspiring art at a young age. My Grandfather created a studio in his home for me and at the age of three, were I began painting, igniting my life long obsession with “all things visual”.  However, it was during my years studying at Point Loma High School that I began to formally learn the skills of a trained artist. This formal training and disciplined approach to painting, photography and design continued as I pursued a Degree in Fine Art at the United States International University in San Diego, California.
Upon graduation, I embarked on 30-year career in the field of Graphic Design. Most notable working several years as the Sr. Graphic Designer creating shows for The San Diego Museum of Art. Advancing my career to the level of Art Director while working for several magazines, and advertising agencies allowed me first-hand access to creative collaboration with some of the most talented photographers in the region. It was during that point in my career that a dear friend gave me a camera as a gift. It proved to be a life changing moment.
Over the past 5 years I have taken that “gift” and dedicated myself professionally to Photography.

“Photography is a Passion that Grips your Creative Soul.” 
"Telling these stories has not only proved to be rewarding, but it also has opened the door to many Photographic Adventures”.
New Years morning standing 4 miles out on the floor of Death Valley National Park to document the first light of dawn on the dunk. Walking through Chicago’s amazing skyscraper canyons and focusing down on them from a vantage point of 120 stories high. Exploring the sacred footsteps of Ansel Adams in Grand Tetons National Park. Standing on the beach in Encinitas, California during a rainstorm capturing a single fearless surfer carving through a 15-foot wave.
It is with great pleasure that I shares with you these photographic moments, expressions and many other adventures that have taken place in the past 5 years with the photographic images on my website.
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